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2021 Summer Camp COVID FAQ

Will aftercare be available from 3:00-6:00 p.m.?

Due to COVID-19 regulations, we do not anticipate being able to offer aftercare this summer. If regulations change, we will notify our summer camp families. Camp ends at 3:00 p.m. and all campers must be picked between 3:00-3:20 p.m. If a camper is not picked up by 3:20 p.m., a late fee of $25.00, per each half hour, will be charged.

Will campers and staff members need to wear masks all day?

Yes. All staff and all campers, Preschool-age 12, will be required to wear face masks at camp. Campers and staff will be allowed to take face masks off if they are outside and able to practice 6 feet social distancing. Face masks will be removed for eating and preschool nap time. Safety regulations prohibit preschoolers from wearing masks while they nap. At Rivendell, our Preschool-Older Kids students have been wearing masks for the entire 2020-21 school year and we’ve found that this has been a very easy transition for them.

How will drop off and pick up work?

To maintain safe social distancing, campers will enter the building through multiple, assigned outside doors. Staff members will meet campers at outside doors for a brief screening process and then lead campers to their classrooms. Parents/caregivers must park and walk campers to their assigned door each morning and wait with their camper during the screening process. Parents/caregivers must also park and pick up campers at their assigned door from 3:00-3:20 p.m.

Will campers need to socially distance?

Rivendell will continue to follow all state and local public health guidance on physical distancing for day camps. We will encourage campers to socially distance. Each of our classrooms allows for 36 square feet per camper.

Will campers be allowed to play on the playground?

Campers will be allowed to play on the playground in group sizes that adhere to current social distancing requirements. Campers will be required to wash their hands following all playground times.

Will staff and campers be screened for COVID-19 symptoms:

All staff will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before entering the building each day. In addition, all of our summer camp staff who are medically able have been fully vaccinated. All families need to check their campers for COVID-19 symptoms each morning and not send them to camp if they have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or a fever of more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

What will you do if a case of COVID-19 is reported during camp?

If a case of COVID-19 is reported during camp, Rivendell will notify the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment immediately and work with local public health officials to determine next steps and make decisions regarding classroom closure.

Will summer camp staff monitor hand washing?

Staff will require campers to wash their hands each morning upon arrival at camp and at numerous times throughout the day such as before meals, after bathroom use and following activities and outside play.

Can my child bring hand sanitizer to camp?

Hand washing is more effective and always preferable to hand sanitizer. Campers will be required to wash their hands numerous times throughout the  day such as before meals, after bathroom use and following activities and outside play. Children over age 3 may use hand sanitizer only under staff supervision, so we ask that you not bring hand sanitizer from home. If your camper does bring hand sanitizer, we require that it be kept with your camper’s teacher. Children under age 3 are not permitted to use hand sanitizer.

What happens if my camper becomes sick at camp?

If a camper shows symptoms consistent with COVID-19 such as fever, cough, body aches, chest tightness and sore throat or other communicable illnesses, the camper will be sent home with the recommendation to seek testing for COVID-19 with their healthcare provider or with the local health department. Rivendell will follow the Larimer County Health Department’s guidance on isolation, quarantine and returning to the classroom. Camp staff will follow these same procedures if they show symptoms of illness. Please see: 

If my child has been sick, when can they come/return to camp?

Please contact us if your child has been sick in the days leading up to camp. Rivendell follows the state and county guidelines for illnesses with COVID-related symptoms not due to a chronic condition.

  • If a camper experiences the Critical symptom of loss of taste or smell, they must remain out of camp on home isolation for a full 10 days from the first day of symptoms and be 24 hours fever free without the use of fever-reducing medications.
  • If a camper experiences any other symptoms for less than 24 hours without symptom reducing medication they may return to school.
  • If a camper experiences Minor symptoms only for less than 48 hours and can wear a mask, they may return to camp after an additional 24 hours symptom free without symptom reducing medication.
  • If the student is ill for more than 48 hours with any symptoms or if they have had Major symptoms such as fever or cough that have lasted more than 24 hours, they must do one of the following before returning to school: 1.) have a negative COVID-19 PCR test* (or an Abbot ID Now rapid test, the only rapid test accepted for return) AND submit documentation to Rivendell of the negative result OR  2.) stay excluded from camp for 10 days from the date of onset of symptoms.

*Please Note: Campers and their siblings must remain out of camp while test results are pending. If a family member is being tested for COVID-19, all family members must remain out of camp while test results are pending.

As a reminder:

Critical symptoms are loss of taste and smell

Minor symptoms are runny nose or congestion, muscle or body aches, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and sore throat

Major symptoms are fever of 100.4 or feeling feverish, chills, loss of taste or smell, cough, and shortness of breath or difficulty breathing  

How are you managing high touch areas like water fountains, toys and door handles?

We are following CDC and state and local health department requirements for cleaning and disinfecting. Rivendell’s cleaning crew and staff are trained on these requirements.  

Will you disinfect playground equipment after each use?

It is not required that playground equipment be disinfected after each use. However, all campers will be required to wash their hands after playing on playground equipment.

Can my child attend camp if we’ve been out to state or traveled internationally within the last 14 days?

Your child may attend camp if they have been free of COVID-19 symptoms for the last 10 days without symptom reducing medication and if they have not been in contact with an individual suspected of having COVID-19. If you suspect that your family was in contact with individuals with COVID-19 or if your family was in a high risk travel situation, we kindly ask that you act responsibly regarding summer camp attendance to help keep our summer camp community healthy and safe.

What are the Cancellation and Refund Policies this year?

All deposits are non-refundable.

  • Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to the first day of the camp session to receive a full refund less the non-refundable deposit fees.
  • Cancellations made less than 7 days before the first day of the camp session will receive a 50% refund less the non-refundable deposit fees.
  • Cancellations made on or after the first day of the camp session will not receive a refund.

Campers may cancel a camp and move to a new camp if space is available at no additional charge (balances and payments will be adjusted if the new camp price is different from the cancelled camp). Non-refundable deposit fees for cancelled camps may not be applied towards the tuition of other camps. Non-refundable deposit fees and no-show fees are required as we consistently have wait lists and are turning away other families when we reserve a space for your child(ren). Additionally, these fees cover the cost of the staff time needed to process and cancel registrations and manage wait lists.

What about Refunds due to COVID-19?

If a camper cannot attend camp due to a quarantine order, we will issue a refund once a copy of the quarantine order is submitted to us. If a camper begins showing COVID related symptoms during camp and must stay home, a refund will be issued for the missed days of camp less the non-refundable deposit. If we have to close an entire camp classroom due to a positive COVID case, a refund will be issued for the missed days of camp less the non-refundable deposit fee.

What do I do if I need to cancel camps?

Please contact Kara at

If I have questions not listed here, who should I contact?

If you have questions that are not listed here, please contact our Summer Camp Coordinator, Kara, at or