Rivendell Art

Rivendell Fairies Discovery!

Hi Rivendell Families – For the last couple of weeks, I have been making fairy doors and placing them in natural areas around Fort Collins. I thought it might be fun for the kids to look for them. I have created a story around these “Rivendell Fairies”, which I explain in the video below. You’re welcome to play that for your kiddos, or just use the locations of the doors (found in the parent guide) in another way that works for your family.

You’re also more than welcome to share the link to this page with friends who have young children and might have fun hunting down the doors. Do share photos with me, if you find one. I’d love to see how it goes!

*Disclaimer – I have given really brief directions, please let me know if you think I should edit anything, navigation is not a talent of mine 😉 The PDF does have Google Maps links to the parking lots of these natural areas, hopefully that helps.

Origami Dragon Eye

To make this origami dragon eye, you will need:
(1) piece of paper or cardstock (cut to a square)
Markers, crayons, or anything to color with
Cup to use for tracing (optional)

I don’t give verbal instructions in this video, but I do take you through step by step, and it should be easy to follow.

Cube Shading Challenge

For this challenge, you’ll need to print off the cube pattern page, and also gather:

Water based markers (Mr. Sketch or Crayola)
A piece of tin foil, about 1 foot square
A cup or bowl of water

Watch the video below to see how you can make your own 3D cube painting!

Model Magic Dragon Eye instructions

This project requires about half an ounce of Model Magic, and a glass bead, like the kind you would put in a flower vase. You’ll also need some water based markers, such as Mr. Sketch, or Crayola markers, if you have white clay that you would like to tint.

Window Star Challenge

You do need some translucent origami paper to create this window star. Here is the kind I purchased from Amazon: ORIGAMI PAPER

In the video below, you can watch me create the “spines” of the star out of each color of paper and then glue them together into the final star shape. You also get a sheet of brown and a sheet of white paper in this pack. You can use those to practice making the spines if you’d like, or you can use them for a different origami project of your choice.

Baby Yoda Drawing Challenge

I found this drawing lesson after a couple of kids had asked if we could learn this. The video breaks it down into very easy steps. You could even do this in Google Drawings if you want to practice drawing with your mouse.

Clone Drawing Challenge

Some of you may know that my dad is an artist. This is a game we used to play with him when my brothers and I were little. He would make a design and we would have to copy it. Sometimes it’s more difficult than you think it’s going to be. My best tips are this:
1. Use your estimating skills to figure out where on the edge of the square to start making your lines. For example, is it halfway? Is it about a third?
2. Be aware of parallel lines and intersecting lines. Notice where they cross and where they converge.
3. Think about shapes before you begin. Sometimes it’s even easier to draw a complete shape (like a circle) even if only part of it is inside the square.

Good luck!

April Fool’s Art Challenge

One of our favorite OK Go videos is “The Writing’s On the Wall” (linked below), because it’s so fun to see how they create those crazy optical illusions. For today’s challenge, you are going to create a magical floating Rubik’s cube! I have attached a template that you need to open and then print out. Once you’ve done that, here’s what you’ll need:

Colored pencils (or markers)
Black Sharpie
Regular pencil for shading (optional)

Just follow along with the instruction video that I’ve attached below, and you’ll be on your way to creating this amazing piece of anamorphic art!

Watercolor Monoprint Challenge

Check out the video below to create a cool watercolor mono print. Here’s what you’ll need:

Cardstock or heavy paper
1 gallon sized ziplock bag
Water based markers like Pentel, Mr. Sketch, or Crayola markers
Paper towel or washcloth

Have a blast!

Create a 16 page mini book from one piece of paper!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to create a mini book with 14 pages and a front cover and a back cover, out of just one piece of paper!

What you’ll need:
1 piece of paper or cardstock, 8.5×11 size
Spoon (optional)

Watch the video below to create your book. When you’re finished with it, decide what you’re going to do with it! Here are some ideas:

Write a poem with one line on each page
Make a birthday book for someone who has a birthday coming up
Draw a picture of all your favorite things
Decorate the covers and then each day for the next two weeks, write down what the best part of your day was
Write a secret code and give it to someone to decipher
Collect your favorite stickers inside it

The possibilities are endless.