Rivendell Art

Art Room News

In preschool art, we started out the year with projects exploring line, shape, texture, and warm/cool colors. Preschoolers created a shrink film fish to add to our school-wide “school of fish” display, and have also completed projects in watercolor, oil pastel, pencil, marker and tempera. In the coming months, we will continue to work on pieces for our Rivendell Art Show in December, including sculpture and collage.

Younger Kids have been working on following multi-step instructions, using tools and supplies correctly, and thinking creatively in their artwork. We have worked in watercolor, tempera, oil pastel, watercolor marker and pencil so far this year. We have discussed the concepts of warm colors and cool colors, texture, contrast, line and shape. We are also working on the concepts of horizontal (and horizon line), vertical and diagonal. Younger Kids are continuously working on investing the time and effort it takes to make a quality piece of artwork that they can be proud of.

Middle Kids started the year in Art with a shrink film project using sharpies and beads/shells/wire. We have also worked in watercolor, pencil and oil pastels. We are currently working on the concept of creating a sketch of our work before we create it with paint or other media. Middle Kids are expected to follow multi-part processes to complete their artwork, so we are working on listening carefully and asking questions before moving forward in their project. We are also discussing thinking creatively before we begin, so that each student’s’ art is unique to their vision. 

Older Kids have completed several projects since the beginning of the year. We started by creating shrink film sea creatures, and then an ink and watercolor project. We are working on following multi-part instructions, which also challenges students to think creatively about how to make their artwork unique to themselves. We talked about complementary colors and are currently working on an abstract personal portrait project. We have had a few “art analysis” discussions, where we get to talk about a piece of art and see what kinds of things we notice about it, in relation to key art terms such as color, line, light, form, etc.