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Famous Artwork Tableau Vivant Challenge

Have you ever heard of a tableau vivant? It translates to “living picture”, and it’s a very old form of art where people dress up and pose so that they look like a painting, or a scene from history. If you’ve every been to a big city and seen a street performer who was a “living statue” then you’ve seen a modern form of this kind of art.

For this challenge, I want you to re-create a famous painting or scene from history. Of course, you’ll have to be creative (and maybe a little silly!) and see what you can find around your house to give the impression of the painting, even though your costumes and props won’t be exact. Maybe your parents and siblings would like to join in as well!

I’ve attached several works of art below that might be easy to re-create. You’re welcome to use one of them, or to find your own piece of art to use as inspiration. I also linked a video of a small town in Italy called Modigliana, where they have a whole festival of tableau vivant every year! It’s pretty cool, check it out.