Rivendell Art

Radial Symmetry and Print Making

The preschoolers worked on a print making project to explore texture and color and the results were pretty amazing! I think they had fun too.


Younger Kids and Middle Kids have been learning about radial symmetry. Their creations included everything from colorful snowflakes to pizza!

proof3459 proof3461 proof3462 proof3464

Perspective, Texture and Printmaking

We’ve had so much fun the past few weeks in the Art Room! Preschool has been exploring stamping and creating texture with leaf prints. The Younger Kids each created a fantastic watercolor of some koi fish, painted from the overhead perspective (or bird’s eye view) that are hanging in the hallway outside the technology classroom right now. Middle Kids and Older Kids finished up their metallic relief sea creatures and did an awesome print making project where we learned about positive and negative space in artwork and how to make a gelatin print with a leaf. Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse of some of the fun activities! proof0180 proof0185 proof0192 proof0194 proof0212



Hokusai’s “Great Wave” at Rivendell







All the grade levels have been learning about Japanese artist Hokusai’s print “The Great Wave” to go along with our school-wide topic unit on oceans. It’s been fun to see each child’s creative interpretation of the image. Each grade level reproduced the image with different media and techniques. I hope to have them displayed around school this week.

Our Collaborative Art Piece

All the Rivendell artists have been working hard on a collaborative art piece that will be on display during our Back to School Night, this Thursday, September 4th. Each student created a tracing of their own hand and then used some of the techniques we have been working on for Line and Pattern to decorate the hands. Don’t forget to stop by the bulletin board in the hallway between the Art Room and the Preschool Rooms to see the finished product! Here are some Younger Kids hard at work this week….proof0470 proof0473

Welcome back to Art!

I’m excited to be the new Art teacher at Rivendell and it’s been especially fun to update the Art room into a fun, creative space!

This week we learned about the element of Line in artwork. Each grade level is working on a different project using line. I am so impressed with the work ethic and artistic ability of these kiddos, wow! I’m looking forward to exploring many different techniques and media with them over this year, just to see what they come up with.

Here are a few pictures of the Middle Kids and Younger Kids working on their projects. IMG_2175 IMG_2182 IMG_2184

Younger Kids Explore Land Art

Andrew Goldsworthy is a famous land artist, taking nature and creating designs, redistributing the beauty around him. 

The YK looked at his work and were inspired to create his/her own land art with the leaves and other natural items on the playground. 

Enjoy what they have created..

Beautifying Edora Park

We have received eight trash cans from the city that our Rivendell students are going to paint.  Then they will be placed in Edora Park to brighten up the landscape! Every class will have a theme and work their magic. We plan to dedicate them to the park in the Spring. photo of trash cans

photoHere are the trash cans being delivered. Not so beautiful now, but just wait…!


The Industrial Revolution and Utilitarian Architecture

Image-1 (14)

From the late 1700’s to the mid-1800’s, industry moved from manpower to horsepower, and mass production needed a lot of space.

Rivendell students will learn about the buildings that staged assembly line manufacturing. We will explore the differences between Victorian and Utilitarian style architecture, talk about the reasons new industry designed sterile, box-shaped factories, and identify defining characteristics such as horizontal structure and smokestacks. Students will create their own factories, detail them, and translate their 3-D medium to drawings.

Image-1 (13)

Step 1: students choose their materials

Image-1 (5)

Step 2: architectural design

Image-1 (12)

Step 3: draw out details to be added to the factory

Image-1 (11)

Stay tuned for steps 4, 5 and 6!

The Little Ones and their Magnets

Image-1 (1)

“Magnets attract and repel.” ~Aidan

Image-1 (2)


“The magnet–one side is the North side and the other side is the South side.” ~Hanna

Image-1 (3)

Finished Works and Thoughts by Older and Middle Kids

Image-1 (5)

“I think Pointillism is a really cool, new way to paint.” ~Emma

Image-1 (4)

“It takes a really long time–this kind of blending colors by putting them close together–but it looks better when you take your time.” ~Jayden

Image-1 (3)

“It’s really hard, but really fun!” ~Victoria

Image-1 (1)

“Pointillism is not my favorite. I didn’t like my first picture, but I’m glad I didn’t give up because my second try is turning out pretty cool.” ~Fiona

Image-1 (9)

“It’s harder than it looks, but that sure is fun!” ~Austin

Image-1 (10)

“If you take your time, the painting turns out neat.” ~Thomas

Image-1 (8)

“I really learned how to take my time and focus on art for the first time.” ~Bryce