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2020-21 Reopening Plan -Letter from Holly Warren

Dear Rivendell Families,

Since April, I’ve been working closely with our teachers and other independent school leaders in Colorado to identify the best plans for the 2020-21 school year. As you can imagine, there is not a single, straightforward path to follow. We should all be prepared for change throughout the year. My goal is to maintain the Rivendell education that has served so many students and their families over the past 45 years with a learning environment and experience that is safe, seamless, and robust.

Rivendell is a small, independent school which allows us to prepare and respond in a way that most schools can’t. Our framework of multi-age classrooms, small class sizes, and individualized curriculum provides significantly more flexibility to create scenarios in which we can adhere to all safety requirements, while also providing in-person instruction as much as possible. Because our situation is different, we will not necessarily follow what Poudre School District does next year. 

Attached, you will find the four phases we expect to move in and out of next year. The phases are designed to reduce risk, provide the best learning environment for students and teachers, and observe relevant safety measures. Please note:

  • The phases are not final. We’re constantly assessing and evaluating information to inform our plans.
  • We don’t know which phase the school year will start in.
  • We don’t know how long we’ll be in each phase. 
  • Moving between phases will be largely determined by the guidance we receive from the Larimer County Health Department, CDC, and the Early Childhood Council. 
  • An example of moving between phases is on Aug. 19 we might start in phase 2 but jump to phase 4 or have to go back to phase 1. It will be fluid and we’ll all need to stay flexible and prepared. 

Once again, thank you for your patience and thoughtful questions and feedback. I will continue to share information and updates throughout the summer. In the meantime, please review the attached information, and if you have further questions I encourage you to visit our FAQ page. If your question is still not answered please feel free to email me directly.


Holly Warren

Rivendell School of Northern Colorado