Rivendell will be closed Wednesday, Jan. 18 due to inclement weather and road conditions.

Tour de Fort Bike Camp

May 30-June 2
Ages 9-11
Lois and Chris Hunt
Cost: $305

Whether you're a riding enthusiast or want to become one, this class is for you. We will cover bike safety, bike maintenance, and bike trail navigation while enjoying the numerous natural (Poudre River, Lee Martinez Park, Rolland Moore Park) and recreational (BMX track, Swimming, Frisbee golf) wonders of Fort Collins. If you have loved these recreational activities for years, or if you've just developed an interest in any of them, you'll have a blast in this summer session. Register here.
(4 day camp due to the Memorial Day holiday. No camp Monday, May 29th.)

**Note- Participants in this class must provide their own bicycle, helmet, and bike lock.

Make It, Break It

June 5-9
Ages 9-11
Jeff Benjamin and Lou Palangi
Cost: $305

We'll make things: engineering, constructing, baking, and concocting. We'll break things: take-apart day, opening, inspecting, and reverse engineering. Come discover how things work, and what's inside, and build your own creations. Register here.

Ocean Alive: A Whole Different World

June 19-23
Ages 9-11
Lou Palangi and Chris Johnson
Cost: $305

For future oceanographers, marine biologists, and all who are drawn to murky depths! Super-fun arts and crafts and hands-on activities bring to life underwater worlds. Daily explorations
will include the wisdom of the whales and dolphins, exploding the ‘shark-infested’ waters myth
(alongside comparative analysis of brain size of the preceding cetaceans), coral reef life and
creatures, geographic understandings involving our oceans, and the myriad ways we rely on the
ocean’s overall health to maintain reliable weather patterns and vital ecosystems. Register here.

Water World

June 26-30
Ages 9-11
Annie Carey and Bree Newton
Cost: $305

Join us as we splash into summer… or maybe slide? With lots of water adventures, we will be sure to have a fun-filled week. We will explore the various properties of water…what floats? What lies beneath the surface? You will be the investigator, making creations to discover more about one of our most fascinating elements, water. But don’t worry. We will be sure to have plenty of time to play when you are not busy being investigators. Register here.

Games Camp

July 3-7
Ages 9-11
Annie Carey and Dylan Hunt
Cost: $255

Join this class to learn and play some classic board games to play with your family and friends! We will learn to play old classics, like Monopoly, Clue, Operation and Yahtzee and more recent favorites like Balderdash and Taco vs Burrito! We’ll explore lots of games to play with just a deck of cards. We’ll also play some fun outdoor games, like Sharks & Minnows and water balloon games. So join us for some classic fun! Register here.

(4 day camp due to the Independence Day holiday. No camp Tuesday, July 4th.)

Cycle City Bike Camp

July 3-7
Ages 9-11
Chris and Lois Hunt
Cost: $305

Don't just sit around all summer! Hope on your bike and join us on the trails of Fort Collins as we ride to Lee Martinez Park and cool our feet in the river, play a round of miniature golf at Fort Fun, and splash in the pool at City Park. Feel that cool breeze as we ride our bikes all over the bike trails of Fort Collins. You'll have a blast in this summer session! Register here.

(4 day camp due to the Independence Day holiday. No camp Tuesday, July 4th.)

**Note- Participants in this class must provide their own bicycle, helmet, and bike lock.

Jobs With Animals

July 10-14
Ages 9-11
Chris Johnson and Lou Palangi
Cost: $305

Fascinated by animals? Do you imagine working with animals as a career? We will find out what
a day in the life looks like for zookeepers, veterinarians, farmers, wildlife biologists, and
ornithologists. Kids can dress as their interpretation of the careers on each featured day and
will take home creations representative of job activities. We will also talk about individuals who
have created a name for themselves working with animals; Jane Goodall, Steve Erwin, Jacques
Cousteau, and others who worked hard to inform people about the lives of animals. Register here.

Camera Camp

July 17-21
Ages 9-11
Anna Cohee and Taylor Hebden
Cost: $305

Lights, Camera, Action! We are spending the whole week behind the scenes of our very own production! Kids will explore different ways to take photos and videos, experiment with sets and lighting, and produce their own work of cinematic art. Whether behind the camera or in front of it, kids will get a chance to make movie magic AND fun summer memories during this exciting week of camp! Register here.

Explore Edora

July 24-28
Ages 9-11
Sarah Maharry and Dee Wanger
Cost: $305

Join us in exploring the many activities available right across the street at Edora Park! We will be building Fairy Houses, floating boats, catching crawdads, and playing at the playground. Not only will we go swimming and ice skating at Epic, but we’ll go ice sledding outside! Adventures abound at the park! Join us in the fun! Register here.

Colorado Critters

July 31-Aug 4
Ages 9-11
Dylan Hunt and Anna Cohee
Cost: $305

Come explore our local wildlife in Colorado Critters! With a different walking destination every day, kids will get to search for all sorts of creatures. We’ll climb over rocks, splash in the creek, and flip over logs. We’ll discuss habitats, ecosystems, and the special ecology of our neighborhood! Register here.

Bits and Bytes

Aug 7-11
Ages 9-11
Jeff Benjamin and Ryan Giglio
Cost: $305

Take a byte… er, bite… out of an Apple… or maybe a PC. We'll dive into all sorts of digital projects, from electronic inventions to audio, video, 3D models, maps and more. Register here.

LEGO Robotics

Ages 9-12
Michael Espinoza
Cost: $305 ($255 for 4-day week)

Spend a week building and programming a robot using the LEGO® MindStorms NXT kits and working with partners to create a "scene" or display during the Great Contraptions build weeks. Design your own robot to complete tasks - each week will offer a different challenge. Award-winning coaches will guide you through the process. Bring your imagination, enthusiasm and willingness to be saturated with this high tech opportunity! No previous experience is necessary. Register here. For ages 9-12.

May 30-June 2Great Contraptions: Sumo Tower. Participants will build a robot that holds its ground on a round field becoming the master wrestler! (4 days only; no camp Monday, May 29.)
June 5-9Great Contraptions: Rube Goldbot. Participants will build Rube Goldberg-esque machines for all our delight!
June 12-16Great Contraptions: LEGO Prosthetics. Participants will develop prosthetics made out of LEGO, learning about switches and sensors!
June 19-23Great Contraptions: My Pet Robot. Participants will build a robot and then teach it tricks!
June 26-30Great Contraptions: Pablo Brickcasso. Participants will build a robot that creates art to rival the masters!
July 3-7Great Contraptions: Tractor Pulls. Participants will build a robot that pulls and pulls and pulls to win a tug of war! (4 days only; no camp Tuesday, July 4.)
July 10-14Great Contraptions: Build a Beat. Participants will play with sound and make a musical robot!
July 17-21Great Contraptions: Brick World Cup. Participants will build a robot that they control to score as many goals in a match against other robots! (Participants will need to  bring in a legacy- not in service, bluetooth enabled device to control the robot.)
July 24-28Great Contraptions: Bumper Cars. Participants will build a robot that pushes other robots off a round playground!
July 31-Aug 4Great Contraptions: Maze Runner. Participants will build a robot that passes through a maze as fast as it can!
August 7-11Great Contraptions: Better Than Sliced Bread. Participants will make the next best invention with LEGO!
Register here.