Weather Closure

Rivendell will be closed Tuesday, January 16 due to inclement weather. This includes all daycare, enrichment classes and meetings.

Farewell, Tina and Bryce

While we are beyond sad to say farewell to two amazing teachers, Tina and Bryce, we are grateful for their many years of educating and touching the lives of students at Rivendell. We wish them well on their next adventures and will always cherish the time they spent with us!

We have been enjoying reminiscing about how Bryce and Tina positively impacted our experiences at Rivendell and came together to share what we will miss most.


“I always appreciated how Tina helped the preschoolers reach their full potential in art and music. The quality of their art and the musical talents she was able to bring out in them is amazing!”

“I enjoyed working with Tina during the summer musicals because she had wonderfully creative ideas and stayed calm under pressure. We will really miss her vision and drive to showcase how wonderful Rivendell School is.”

“Tina’s creativity did so much for our school. Her talents shone through her teaching and was an inspiration to both students and staff.”

“I will miss her amazing talent both in the art room and the music room. I will miss chatting with her about our families. I will miss her dedication to our school - a true role model!. I will miss her incredibly amazing talent for marketing our school. She thinks of everything! I will miss her gentle demeanor.”

“She consistently holds a calm, grounded presence even in the face of 40 preschoolers. I think she could successfully herd cats. Her ability to create beauty from anything is a special gift. “

“I will miss Tina's calm and presence at musicals and art shows. There is nothing she can't do! I have never known anyone as multi-talented, creative and patient as Tina. Her baked goods were a special treat and will be missed!”

“I will miss Tina's sense of humor!”

“I will miss my favorite collaborator, Tina. Whether it was combining PE and art, performing in the Spring Program or building our website, she always provided pieces that made the projects special.”

“Tina has astounded me over and over with her ability to discover hidden musical/theatrical talents in our kids. I'm always amazed at what she can find in a child. And I guess I guess I have to add…Ditto with art! So versatile, so creative!”

“I will miss all the creativity and energy that Tina brings to Rivendell! I will miss her leading Group Sing and musicals!”


“Bryce may seem like he's all fun and games, but the compassion he shows toward his kids is genuine. He is very good at diffusing conflicts between kids.”

“I will miss Bryce's sense of humor--always providing a laugh when it was most needed.”

“I will miss hearing Bryce read stories to his kiddos. I will miss hearing the honking of a horn for a math book celebration.”

“Bryce’s students were always so excited to come to school. You could tell they loved being in his class and looked forward to learning everyday.”

“I will miss our daily laughter. I will miss his creativity for classroom projects and displays of student work. I will miss how he always checked in on how I was doing . I will miss his sense of humor.”

“I will miss watching the students connect with him. I will miss hearing him read through the walls of our classrooms - always so animated and lively. I will miss how he worked to connect with all of the Middle Kid students. I will miss our marathon planning sessions.”

“I still remember my son beginning to collect little rubber duckies based on Bryce's collection in his classroom. My boy is 21 now and still has a dozen ducks living on his top closet shelf. Bryce has a gift of teaching, with plenty of love and laughter woven through. “

“I always appreciate Bryce's sense of humor and ability to make me laugh. He definitely brings levity and fun to meetings. He has such an amazing rapport with his students. They love learning in his classroom!”

“Bryce's humor and warmth make me smile even on a gray day. I love it when he has the whole class cheering out loud when a kid finishes a math book. He's cartoonist-in-residence when I need a bit of art for an activity paper and he makes the most scrumptious roasted pumpkin seeds after Halloween.”

“Some of my favorite Rivendell memories are laughing with Bryce over the years! I was so happy when I came back to Rivendell in 2015 and you were still teaching here….It made Rivendell feel even more like home!”

Truly, we could go on and on about all the things we will miss. We’re so grateful to have been included in Tina and Bryce’s teaching journey and their legacy will continue to live on through heartfelt memories and recollections!