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Say Hello to the New Rivendell Logo!

Say hello to the new Rivendell logo! 

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new logo, color scheme, and additionally a brand new homepage at

So, why the new look?

As we approach our 45th year as a school, we saw this as a great opportunity to update our Rivendell brand. Even though this is a modern update to our brand, we also want to be clear that we are not deviating from our original purpose and mission. 

Our new logo.

As with any logo, we wanted it to concisely convey everything that our company stands for. We wanted it to represent the lasting tradition of our educational philosophy, as well as convey the concepts of growth, community, and connection - all important aspects of the Rivendell experience. Our new tagline, “learn to grow” also reflects our commitment to cultivate every child’s individuality and independence. 

Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other visual components of Rivendell’s outward presence aligning around this new direction, including the website, in advertising, and on social media. It’s still us. We’re still Rivendell. Now more consistent and, we hope, more recognizable as an independent school.