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Update Regarding School Year

Dear Rivendell Community, 

I know that many of you have read the recent communication from Poudre School District and may be wondering if opening in-person at Rivendell is still a wise decision. I want to assure you that we are confident and ready to open for in-person learning.  We continue to work closely with the Larimer County Health Department on these key decisions and have been advised that due to our size, along with the precautions we have in place, it is safe for us to continue as planned with in-person learning. 

School administration meets weekly with the health department to evaluate public health status as well as recommended safety measures. All openings and phase plans have been evaluated by the health department and are approved for a safe reopening. 

“We continue to work with our schools to help them create safe reopening plans.”

“We support our schools in whatever phase they open in, as long as they can meet our requirements and do so safely. These are not easy decisions, and there is no perfect answer.” - Larimer County Health Department

One of the County’s perceived differences between Rivendell and PSD is related to COVID-19 testing.  The County is concerned that if the District schools were to open in person, the subsequent potential increased need for testing would strain the testing resources that are currently in place. Our smaller population would not create a significant strain on the testing system.

Many Rivendell families have attended summer camps and are aware of the new guidelines and procedures that have been in place since the start of summer. We will continue with these precautions going into the school year. We will also adjust plans as needed, and as recommendations change. We are proud to have served 147 students in-person from across the community this summer, and we are looking forward to serving a smaller number, approximately 122 students, during the school year in a similar manner.

One of the benefits of a smaller population is that we have the opportunity to work together to help keep the school community as safe as possible. We acknowledge that we can not promise we will not see a case within our community, but we can work together to prevent the spread. We are asking each family to do your part by: 

  • Keeping your students home if they have any COVID-related symptoms or have had close contact with anyone who has had COVID-like symptoms.
  • Reporting any presumptive positive or confirmed cases, as well as any exposure to our designated office staff.
  • Wearing face masks in public and in the school building.
  • Taking social-distancing precautions.
  • Encouraging healthy hand washing habits at home.

I want to thank you all for your continued support and dedication to Rivendell School.  Getting our students and staff back together to safely continue their individual educational journey is our priority, and achievable under current guidance. We look forward to greeting your children on August 24th!


Holly Warren

Rivendell School of Northern Colorado