Rivendell Middle Kids

First Project of the New Year

Dear Middle Kid families,
Here are some photos of the kids working on our first back to school project. This project is “All About Me” in the shape of an ocean creature to go along with our first Topic: Oceans. While it is a really fun project and the kids enjoy how laid back it feels, it is so much more than just drawing and coloring. With this project we are introducing and developing many skills. One of our focuses in Middle Kids is the element of design: how to plan out the information being presented and use it to fill a space in an appropriate and tasteful way. We are working on sketching with pencil first, shading, outlining letters so they *pop* off the page, turning stick figures into 3D people, and illustrating our writing. For many kids new to MK, this is one of the first times a project is going to last 4 or 5 work sessions. With that in mind, we are introducing some behavior and work ethic goals, too. We are learning to challenge ourselves to draw new things, do our best, not rush, add lots of detail, and generally take pride in our work. I am so proud of how everyone is rising to the challenge and going above and beyond what they thought they were capable of!
Bryce and Anna