Rivendell Middle Kids

A new year in Middle Kids!

Welcome to the Middle Kids blog!  This is where we will post important information families of Middle Kids will need to make this year a success!  We will post newsletters here as well as occasional photos and important announcements.  Each week when we send a Middle Kids newsletter we will send you a short email with a link to this address so you can quickly get to the good stuff.  In order to save on paper use, we will not send home paper copies of our newsletters.

Our new, and old, Middle Kids are off to a fantastic start this year!  At this point we have a full weekly schedule and have gradually added in most of our academic work sessions.  We have a couple that we have waited a bit longer on – handwriting and vocabulary books.  Our plan is to start working in these  books very soon once the kids feel more comfortable with their new workload and added responsibilities.  Like we mentioned at Back to School Night, not all Middle Kids will be in both Spelling and Vocabulary books.  We will determine the appropriate challenge and workload individually.

We have a couple of exciting things coming up that we wanted to make sure you are aware of.  The Middle Kids and teachers are hosting a Rivendell restaurant night on Thursday next week at Old Chicago on Harmony.  Old Chicago will donate a percentage of the night’s earnings to Rivendell, so we would like to see as many of our families there as possible!  Come join us, take a welcomed break from mid-week cooking, and enjoy the company of other Rivendell families!  We will have several other Rivendell restaurant nights over the course of the school year, but this one is special because the Middle Kids are the hosts!  Mark your calendars!  The kids should try to wear their Rivendell T-shirts that evening.

The other upcoming date is our annual Fun Run.  It is coming up on Friday, September 28th.  In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publishing of the first Harry Potter book, our these this year is Wizards, Witches and Wands!  Information packets are coming home tonight, and pledge sheets are included.  We are talking it up at school, and your continued support at home will be so appreciated!  All funds raised from our Fun Run this year will be used to support our literacy program.  The kids will directly benefit from anything we purchase right here in our classrooms! We will be coming up with classroom incentive prizes to get the kids even more excited about this event.  They have  been practicing running laps in PE to get their bodies ready and to help determine how many laps they will most likely run.

Welcome to a new year (yeah we know we are a few weeks in!) and let us know if you have any questions or thoughts.

Bryce and Anna