Rivendell Middle Kids

Daily Warm-up Writings

One of our goals for daily warm-up writings is helping the kids to understand that they can write without feeling like they might do it wrong.  They often feel inhibited by the idea of writing, and they get stuck, thinking too much!  We are trying to get them to stop thinking too much and just write down whatever comes to their mind.  With these warm-up writings there is no wrong answer.
We are pulling slips of paper out of a basket and creating silly story starters to work on this goal.  We have them write the silly starter and then continue the story with a few sentences of their own.  We have also been encouraging them share some of their ideas so that we can write a class story up on the board.  Our hope is that this will excite and motivate beginning writers who struggle to get their unique ideas on paper!  Here are a few pics of today’s warm-up writing time in Bryce’s class.