Rivendell Middle Kids

First Day of Spring!

Welcome back from Spring Break, everyone! We hope you all had fun as a family this past week eating, traveling, resting, playing and reading together. Quality time together is so important for kids at all stages of life! So whether you stayed local, took a road trip, or got on a plane, I hope you all feel restored and thankful for your family. Bryce and I had a great Spring Break with our families.

Here is Bryce parasailing in Mexico!


Hiking in Grand Canary Island!

Back to reality…

This week brings with it the first day of spring and we are all looking forward to not needing so many layers at Recess! Next week, on Friday, March 30th is one of Rivendell’s favorite traditions: The Egg Drop & Crazy Hat/Hair day! Specific info, rules and regulations on the design/engineering contest went home on a blue sheet of paper before Spring Break. Let your teacher know if you need a replacement. All Middle Kids participate in the Egg Drop contest and it is SO MUCH FUN! Parents are allowed to come watch if they’d like to do so.

In Reader’s Workshop, we are easing back into things by reading our ongoing novels. In Math, kids are finishing books left and right! In Writing we are working on correct formatting of dialogue in stories and are in the planning stage for a new story. Our current Topic Unit is Dinosaurs. So far we have completed a chart detailing the general classification of dinosaurs (reptile hipped and bird hipped) and learned some very-hard-to-pronounce scientific names! Soon we will be expecting the kids to do research on a particular dinosaur for a recitation. (More info coming on that soon.) The kids had a great first day back!

Spring Event and Auction, you don’t want to miss this!

Remember to purchase your tickets for the Rivendell Spring Event, Havana Nights! You can purchase tickets here. This year Manabi, a local salsa band, will be playing at The Rio: Agave room. Rivendell will host Kid’s Night In for only $15.00 from 6:00 to 10:30 PM, so come out and enjoy a night of games, bidding on student projects and community experiences, good food, mojitos, and dancing!

Sign up for Kids Night In at the front office. Thank you!