Rivendell Middle Kids

Growing minds!

This week in topic work we are continuing our study of plants.  We did two projects this week – a flower dissection and a seed germination experiment.  Last week the kids learned the parts of a flower, and looked closely at how plants reproduce.  This week they put that knowledge to use by identifying the important parts in an actual flower.  They also made mini “greenhouses” out of plastic baggies.  We are attempting to germinate three types of seeds – beans, sunflowers, and corn.  As we see progress, the kids will be keeping a plant observation log so they can document the important steps.  Once we have viable plants, and once the weather allows, our hope is to transplant our seedlings outside into our gardens.
Our writing goal for the next couple of weeks is persuasive writing.  A convincing persuasive writing consists of a topic sentence  (the argument) followed by at least three statements supporting the argument.  Today we spent time practicing this technique as a class, and next we will have them try writing a persuasive paragraph on their own. 
As always, let us know if you have any questions over the course of these last couple months of school.  We are really enjoying these kids!