Rivendell Middle Kids

Into The Afterlife!

The kids continued working on their pyramid projects today. They are creating a clay sarcophagus, canopic jars, and other items to put into their pyramid “tombs.”

Juicy tidbit of information: Along with a mummy enclosed inside a sarcophagus, an Egyptian burial tomb included 4 canopic jars which contained 4 mummified body organs. The canopic jars were adorned with the heads of the 4 sons of Horus. The four jars were: Imsety which had a human head and carried the liver. Qebehsenuf which had a falcon’s head and carried the intestines. Hapy which had the head of a baboon and carried the lungs. And Duamatef which had the head of a jackal and carried the stomach.

This student even included a small couch and a pile of treasure for the deceased to take to the afterlife.
The kids worked hard to carve some of the intricate details into the cover of their sarcophagus. Once these “artifacts” are dry they will carefully paint them and place them into their pyramids.