Rivendell Middle Kids

Last week of September!

Here we are in the last week of September!  There is a lot going on in the world of Middle Kids!  Here is an update on a few key components of our workweek.

Reading – In reading this week we are talking about making connections to the books and stories that we read.  It is something that all good readers do, and beginning readers have to learn to build this skill into their conscience!  Right now we are working on making text-to-self connections – recognizing when something in the story reminds them of a happening or feeling from their own life.  Today we started to make the differentiation between “surface connections” ( the character in the story has a dog, and I have a dog) and “deep connections” (the character in the story is sad because she lost her pet, and I was very sad last year when my hamster died).  Deep connections almost always have to do with feelings or conflicts the characters are working through.  We have Middle Kids write some of the connections they are making down in their reading binders.  Talking about connections is something you can practice at home while reading with your children.  Some of our students are also spending part of their reading time focusing on phonemic awareness, word attack skills and fluency.

Math – Middle Kids have some form of math every day.  They are working hard to make their way through their purple math books, learning and practicing new concepts.  They also meet with Pat twice a week to work on math – playing math games, learning songs, and doing hands-on practical math applications.

Topic work and writing – These two subjects have been connected over the last few weeks as the kids work hard to write paragraphs about the ocean animals they have researched.  We hope to finish their second “formal” paragraph this week, and then wrap up the project next week with a full-page drawing of their animal.  We will also be moving on to a new topic unit next week – Mesopotamia and Sumeria!

The Fun Run is tomorrow! Please feel free to come and cheer on the kids as they run.  It looks like tomorrow they will be running to try to keep warm!  The Middle Kids will run from 10:20-10:50. We have given them all Harry Potter themed T-shirts, so please make sure they wear them tomorrow.  We encouraged them to wear a long sleeved T-shirt underneath if they are worried about being warm.  Jackets and coats are hard to run in, and we need to make sure their running bibs are visible and easily accessible so that we can mark them to keep track of their laps.  We will send home a note telling you how many laps they ran so that you can collect their pledge money.  Please return the pledge money ASAP next week so that we can figure our total and determine the incentive prize the kids earned!

As usual, let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Please sign up for a fall conference.  The sheets are posted outside our classroom doors.