Rivendell Middle Kids

Marching into March!

We are moving right along in Middle Kids.  The kids are making amazing progress in their math books and reading up a storm.  This week in Reader’s Workshop we are focusing on summarizing a story.  We do this with a method called the 5-finger summary.  After reading a story we break the summary down into 5 parts – Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then.  These parts correlate with the Character, Setting, Problem, Action and Conclusion of the story.  As with all new skills, we will start by writing a summary as a class, and then have them try it on their own.  Another secret to making this easier is having them write each part with a different colored pencil.

We are continuing our study of the Revolutionary period this week as we learn about the events leading to war and our Declaration of Independence.

This Friday is our annual Science Share recitation.  Hopefully the kids are nearing completion on their write-ups and preparation for their presentation.  Let us know if you have any other questions about our expectations.  If they want to enter their project in the Science Fair, they can use this coming weekend to complete their display board.