Rivendell Middle Kids

News for April 18th!

As usual for this time of year, there is A LOT going on!  We have several important dates and times for upcoming events.  Most of these have been mentioned in the whole-school newsletter, but we know that different people get their news in different ways.  Please take note of all of the following, and let us know if you have any questions.

Mandatory Sky Ranch informational meeting! – Tomorrow morning, Thursday, April 19th at 7:30 am.  That’s right – in the morning!  This is a really important meeting, especially for our third graders and their parents since it is going to be their first time going to Sky Ranch.  We will present a lot of information, and we will have time for questions as well.  Please plan to be here!

Bikes for Earth Day on Friday – We realize that the weather outlook for Friday is questionable.  We are going to play it by ear.  We ask that you decide on Friday morning whether or not it looks like an outdoor bicycle activity will be a possibility.  If the weather is nasty, and it looks like it is supposed to stay that way for most of the day, then don’t bring bikes.  If there is a possibility that it could be clear or dry enough later in the day – bring bikes.  Thanks for your best judgement and cooperation with this.  We don’t want to call it off because of the possibility of bad weather  because it will most likely be a very enjoyable and educational opportunity for the kids.

Field Trip – next Monday, April 23rd.  We will be leaving school on a chartered bus and heading to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver for the day.  The bus will leave by 9:00 – please plan to be on time that day so we have time to talk with the kids and use the bathroom before we leave. Kids need to pack a completely disposable lunch – we don’t want to have to keep track of lunch boxes, water bottles, sandwich containers, etc.  We will gather these lunches in a large container as the kids come in the morning, and we will transport them to the Pavilion.  Please label the lunch bag with your child’s name. Also, all kids should wear their purple Rivendell T-shirts that day.  We plan to leave the Butterfly Pavilion by 1:30.

Promotion Day – Monday, May 7th – This is a day when students who will be moving up to the next grade level in the fall can experience what life will feel like for them next year! Our 3rd graders who will be moving up to Older Kids will spend the morning with either Suzanne or Sarah, and then return to their normal classrooms for the afternoon.  We will be sending home more information about this day soon.  We would like you to put it on your calendars and try to avoid scheduling appointments on this much -anticipated morning.

Sky Ranch Trip for 3rd Graders! – May 14th – Plan to have your 3rd grader here at school by 8:00 with all gear in hand.  Kids will be loaded into cars and that will be leaving by 8:30.  Loading up cars can be a stressful time for staff, parents and kids, so please plan ahead, wake up early, and be on time!  When the kids come back on Tuesday afternoon they will be exhausted, dirty, exhilarated, and full of ideas to share.  They should be back at school by about 2:30.  Please plan to be here to get them.  It is very deflating for a kid who has just been away from home overnight at camp to have to go join a classroom or go to after school daycare.

Author’s Share – Tuesday, May 22nd, from 8:00 – 9:00 am – This will be a morning for parents to come in to school for an open house when students can show them their portfolios of the year.  This has traditionally been something that Younger Kids classes have done, but we would like to extend this celebrational to the  rest of the grade levels.  We will have coffee, juice, and some breakfast treats available that morning.  Feel free to come anytime between the hours of 8:00 and 9:00.  We know your schedules are busy, so this can take as little as 10 minutes, or longer if you wish.  This event gives teachers a chance to witness and be a part of the experience of reflecting on a year’s worth of hard work and fun!

We know – it’s a lot!! Let us know if you have any questions.  We will see 3rd graders and their parents in the morning at 7:30 sharp!