Rivendell Middle Kids

News for Monday, October 7th

Last week was another busy week for Middle Kids.  We concluded our unit on the fascinating ancient civilizations of the Maya, Aztec and Inca by comparing the Aztecs and Incas.  The students used their critical thinking skills to find similarities and differences  and were interested in the many ways these civilizations were alike. This week we move onto our study of space.  We will begin with a focus on Earth, learning about night and day, the seasons and what makes our planet the only one that is habitable in the Solar System.

Our recitation this week is centered around space.  Each student has chosen a word associated with space and will have two weeks to complete a project to share with the class on Monday 28th.  We have given the students three choices of projects for this recitation in order to make it more individualized and to allow and encourage the kids to be more creative.  We are hoping the kids will enjoy this new challenge.  Detailed information about the recitation is included in the homework folder. Please talk with your child and help him/her choose a project that will be fun and at an appropriate level.  Since this recitation is more complex, we have given the kids two weeks plus an extra weekend. We are exciting to see how this recitation goes.

We have also included a “moon log” in homework folders.  This will remain in folders for the whole month.  We are asking the kids to draw  pictures of the moon throughout the month of October. Look at the moon every night or as often as possible, draw a picture in the box and date it.  We will be discussing the phases of the moon at the end of the month.

The Middle Kids have started to work on their musical, Geology Rocks.  Tina will be sending home lines soon.  Please help your child practice these.  They have plenty of time as the musical will be on December 13rh

Parent/teacher conference are coming up on October 17th and 25th.  Sign up sheets are next to the classroom door.  We look forward to discussing your child’s progress and goals for the year.We also have a day off on October 18th.  Fun Fest is on October 25th.  This is our annual carnival and fundraiser.  Please consider volunteering some time to help out with one of the activities.  More information is on the big Halloween bulletin board by the front doors.

Have a great week.