Rivendell Middle Kids

News for Monday, September 30th

Happy Last-Day-Of-September!  This week we will be wrapping up our unit on the Maya, Aztecs, and Incas.  We will be moving on to a study of outer space for the next month or so.  In reading this week we will begin talking about making connections.  Making connections to the material we read is something that all good readers do.  It is another way for us to think critically and build a deeper understanding of the books we choose to read.  

Our recitation this week is called Reader’s Theater.  We are asking students to be part of a group dramatic reading.  We have assigned each child a part in a script.  They have a copy of the whole script.  Their job this week is to practice reading their assigned lines.  They do not need to worry about memorizing the lines – that is not what Reader’s Theater is about.  It is about reading dramatically – as though they are performing a skit. They will be holding their script and reading from it during the “performance.” We want them to practice reading fluently and confidently so that the sentences sound like natural speech.  

While practicing this week, it is important that they have a parent working with them.  The parent should read all of the other lines in the script out loud so that the student knows when to say his / her lines.  They don’t need to worry about costumes or props for Reader’s Theater – it’s all about the expression in their voice.

Reader’s Theater is an exciting way to help children improve reading fluency.  It also promotes better reading comprehension and confidence, and…it’s fun!