Rivendell Middle Kids

News for the short week of October 14th!

Remember that we don’t have school on Thursday or Friday this week.  The kids will have less of a homework load since it is a short week.  They will not be studying Mad Minutes or spelling words this week.  They should focus their homework energy mainly on completing their space projects so that they are ready to be presented next Monday the 21st.  Some kids, depending on their math level, have been given booklets in which they will work on memorizing their multiplication facts.  Some have already started this, and others are starting this week.  If there is a little green booklet in your homework folder, this is where you will write you multiplication facts and study them.  At the end of each week we will test the kids on the number they are currently trying to memorize.  If we feel they are ready to move up, then we will move them to the next number the following week.  Some kids are already trying to memorize these facts for their Mad Minute tests, so this will provide extra practice.

We will continue our study of the planet Earth this week.  We are currently working on writing paragraphs about the Earth’s movement in space and the reasons Earth is the only planet in the solar system which supports life.  The kids started this writing by completing a T-chart to organize their thoughts.  We will keep working on this process all year so that they can start feeling more and more independent with their expository writing skills.

Many of the kids have been bringing home their scripts for the upcoming Middle Kids’ musical performance.  Please provide support as needed so that they can memorize their lines.  These scripts should be kept safely tucked into their homework folders so that they don’t lose track of them.

**Upcoming field trip – the Middle Kids will be taking a field trip to the Ft. Collins Museum of Discovery and Science on November 7th.  We will be sending home more information about this trip, and a permission slip soon.  We will be needing parents to help us drive students on this field trip.  Please think about whether you will be able to help us on the 7th of November, and there will be a space on the permission slip where you can volunteer to drive.  Thanks!