Rivendell Middle Kids

Ocean Animal Recitations

These kids slayed their ocean animal projects and recitations!  We are SO proud of the hard work they have put into learning and telling about these creatures.  You have all seen their pictures as they have been working on them this week, and the writings are on display in our hallway if you want to check those out.
Recitations are an important and valuable way for children to start to learn the “art” of public speaking.  Before each speech we talk about what we expect from their delivery.   We talk about what it looks and sounds like to be a good speaker, and we set goals as the year progresses. We talk about standing up straight and using a strong, clear voice.   As we make our way through the year, we will be looking for more eye contact with the audience and using their paper as a reference but not something they are reading directly from.  It was very obvious today that these kids had put time into practicing what they were going to say, and they could answer many of the questions that were asked of them because they had spent so much time researching and getting to know their animals.
 Way to go Middle Kids!