Rivendell Middle Kids

N.D. Wilson’s Visit

We were so fortunate today to welcome childrens book author N.D. Wilson!  He had some amazing stories of adventure from his childhood to share with the kids.  He talked with them about why he chose to become a writer and where the ideas in his fantastic stories come from.  Some students chose to buy copies of his books and have them signed.  Opportunities like this don’t come around very often, and we feel so lucky!

Math with Pat

Math played some great place value games with the kids today.

Performance at Singing!

Bryce’s class performed for the whole school at singing on Wednesday!  Some of them played the recorder, some played the steel drums, and others played the xylophone!  It sounded terrific – like we were relaxing on a Caribbean island!

Water displacement with Polly

Our science Guru Polly taught the kids about water displacement today using quarters and Hershey’s kisses. This principle was first discovered by Archimedes in Ancient Greece.

And Spelling Begins!

The middle kids have started spelling this week! They each have a list of spelling words to study at home, and on Friday they will take their first official spelling test of the year! Good luck middle kids!

Greek Recitations

Our Middle Kids are becoming better public speakers. This week as part of homework they prepared a short speech about a Greek term. Today was their chance to shine!

A Special Visit Today!

A group of actors from the CSU Theater Department came to Rivendell today and put on a show called “The Great Food Detective.” It was about nutrition and the importance of eating healthy food, getting good exercise, and not “vegging” in front of the computer or video games for too long. But the greatest part was that it was HILARIOUS! We all laughed and laughed – and that is just what we all needed to get us through the rest of the afternoon on this Friday.

Science with Polly

Today was our first Science class with our amazing visiting scientist Polly! She talked to the kids all about the steps of the scientific process. Then they went outside and experimented with solar powered cars. What a blast!