Rivendell Middle Kids

Taxation Without Representation!

I hope you have already heard about it, but yesterday we did a simulation about taxation without representation to help the kids understand how the early American Colonists felt about the King imposing taxes on them.  We came up with a long list of activities and services that the kids had to pay for during the course of the school day.  We gave each of them a roll of 50 pennies, and told them that they could keep any money they had left at the end of the day.  They quickly figured out that it was going to be very difficult or even impossible to have any left!

As you can imagine, this became pretty frustrating for some of them.  The teachers had the authority to impose new “taxes” any time we wanted.  The kids (being very fair-minded) thought this was completely unfair and maddening at times.  Secretly of course, that was our hope!  We know that kids learn and retain knowledge better when feelings are involved.  Today we plan to discuss this further and then write about the experience.

Our long list of charges for the day! Our favorite was the “Teacher”s choice” line!
It didn’t take long for this bowl of coins to fill!