Rivendell Middle Kids

Working Collaboratively

Let’s face it – working collaboratively with a partner takes patience.  It can be frustrating! It can even be downright infuriating!  However,  out in the “real world”, in almost every occupation and relationship that exists, we are faced with working collaboratively with others.  Children must learn to do this to be successful.  This is exactly why we often do projects in Middle Kids that involve working collaboratively with another student or two.

This week in Middle Kids we have tasked pairs of students to find answers to various questions within a stack of nonfiction books.  We call this our “Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt.”  Learning to use nonfiction books is also part of our reading program.  They are practicing using the features of nonfiction books such as the table of contents, the index, charts and diagrams, and headings and subheadings to locate the answers.