Rivendell Music

Found Sound Percussionist Challenge

The videos below are designed so you can play along with them using percussion instruments. You’ll have to be creative about what you can use as each instrument. Here are some ideas:

Drum – cooking pots, boxes, buckets, plastic tubs
Tambourine – silverware, bells, bag of metal hardware
Shaker – plastic container with beans or rice inside, toy maracas, plastic egg with beans or rice inside
Claves – block of wood hit by a spoon, two chopsticks hit together, two wooden blocks hit together

So, once you’ve gathered some “instruments”, click on the videos, watch the “conductor” and get ready to channel your inner percussionist. Choose which color/shape you want to be and when the “conductor” hops on that color/shape, that means you play on that beat. Have fun!

William Tell Overture Finale

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Can Can – Bizet