Rivendell Music

Getting back into the swing of things

We have been reviewing many of our favorite Rivendell songs since the beginning of the school year, as well as learning several new songs as well.

The Older Kids started learning their musical this week, which is the story of a “reality show” based on the founding fathers!

Middle Kids have been working on two new pieces with percussion and Orff instruments (see photos). They will be starting recorders in the next few weeks, and boy are they excited about it!

Younger Kids have also been reviewing rhythms and learning new “partner songs”, which are two different songs that sound great when sung together at the same time, but it’s  pretty tricky to only sing your part and not get confused by the other part.

Preschoolers have been learning all our favorites, including the Rivendell school song “Where We Learn, Where We Grow”.

All the grade levels have been listening to and discussing “William Tell Overture” and “La Gaza Ladra” by our composer of the month, Gioachino Rossini. They should be able to relate the story of William Tell pretty accurately by now!

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