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Incredibox DJ Challenge

If you’ve never played with Incredibox before, you’re going to love this challenge! Incredibox is an app that lets you create really cool beats with a fun cartoon interface. There is a free version for every device type, or you can play it online. I included the link to the website, you’ll have to disable pop up blockers to make it work, and make sure flash is enabled. You can check out my Rivendell Jam, linked below also.

1.) Click on “try web version”
2.) Choose the version you want to try and click on the box/guy. It takes a little while to load.
3.) Once it’s loaded, click the “play” triangle in the bottom center.
4.) You’ll see your singers are all shirtless! Drag a costume from the squares below and place them on one of the singers.
5.) Each singer does one “loop”. To change his costume, drag from the singer back down to the clothes at the bottom.
6.) If you want to one guy to sing a solo, click and hold on top of his costume.

1.) Once you’ve created a sick beat, you can also record it.
WARNING – this action resets the game so your beat is gone once you share it.
2.) Click on the three line menu at the top left of the screen.
3.) Click on the red “REC” button to start recording.
4.) Click the red circle to end the recording.
5.) A screen will pop up that says “Mix Finished”. Choose “save”.
6.) Enter a cool DJ name and the name of your mix.
7.) Another screen pops up and says “Mix Saved”. Choose the “share” icon.
8.) Enter your email in the bottom box and hit the big checkmark.
9.) The share screen comes back again in case you want to share it with anyone else.

Incredibox online game