Rivendell Music

Music Room News

In preschool music, we have been working hard to learn songs that we can sing with the rest of the school during group sing, as well as learning about steady beat, rhythm, and trying classroom instruments. We have learned to perform 3 different rhythm patterns, and are working continuously on playing, singing and moving to the beat. Preschoolers also have fun with our movement songs and listening to works by our composers of the month, so far Ralph Vaughn Williams and John Mackey.

Younger Kids are working on learning partner songs and rounds, keeping a steady beat on an instrument while singing, moving in sets of 8 and 16 and learning the Do scale. Younger Kids also learn all the songs that we sing in our weekly Group Sing on Wednesdays. We work on singing and playing together as a group with everyone participating and making sure we are using our best voices. When we play instruments, we are working on resting and playing at the appropriate times and being part of an ensemble.

Middle Kids have been working on singing and playing as a group, and participating to the best of their ability. We have worked on poly-rhythmic games, as well as two and three part songs to reinforce our listening and counting skills. We have just begun to work on learning our songs, lines and choreography for the musical, which we will perform in November. After that, we will have a few weeks of recorder instruction before winter break. 

The Older Kids are hard at work on their upcoming musical currently, “The 13 Colonies”. We have been studying ocean songs to go with our first topic unit this year. We started the year by reviewing rhythms and note reading, rhythms, playing instruments in an ensemble and singing together. They have done a great job learning the descant part to our school song, which they sing when we are together in Group Sing.