Rivendell Older Kids

May 6 Monday Note

Today is the day that all of your Sky Ranch information needs to be turned in to Elisa. There are a lot of people who still need to turn in those documents. It takes a lot of work to get all of the paperwork together so please get that in to Elisa! The kids, and teachers, are getting very excited!

This is the last week that the kids will have to work on their Personal Project. They will be exhausted after Sky Ranch and should not push it off until the weekend after Sky Ranch. We have been checking in with the kids and many of the kids are creating wonderful presentations. Some kids have very little completed. They will have very little time to work in class on this project this week. They should be working on it at home.

Thursday we will be going to Centenial Village in Greeley for their Spring History Festival. The weather may not be ideal so please make sure your child is prepared for the weather along with a lunch.

We will be continuing with Math until the end of the school year. It is amazing to see the progress that these kids are making with increasingly complex math concepts. Every Fall we see kids come back that need to play catch up because they have not used the skills that they were just starting to master in the Spring. We will be offering a one day a week math work session for kids who are either behind in their math progression or are on target, but could use the continuity. Suzanne or Sarah will be teaching these works sessions. More infromation will be availible soon as to the dates and how to sign up.

We know many of our 5th graders are visiting their new middle school  for 6th grade orientation on Friday. We would love to see your child return to school after this event. Friday afternoon will be their last chance at school to work on the personal project, and it will be a time for us to talk about being prepared for Sky Ranch on Monday.

Upcoming Events

May 7th- Boy’s Talk (5th grade boys only) 6:00pm

May 9th – Field trip to Centennial Village

May 13th-17th – Sky Ranch (5th graders go up Monday, 4th graders go up Tuesday)

May 20- Spring Program

May 21- Parent  Portfolio share 8:00-9:00

May 21- Epic Field Trip

May 22- Field Day

May 24- Last Day of School ends at 11:30




Personal Project


Math 25 minutes


Personal Project



Personal Project



Personal Project