Rivendell Physical Education

Following Rules

Why do we have rules? There are plenty of good reasons. To keep us safe, so we can get along with others, to keep things fair, and provide an appropriate challenge so things are enjoyable. In sports and games, rules may seem arbitrary, but they have reasons!

As a follow on to teamwork and sportsmanship, we’re diving into the rules behind the games. Why do we have them? How does changing rules affect the game? What happens if they aren’t followed?

Middle and Older Kids will even be designing their own games. They have to come up with an objective, method for determining winning (or whether there are winners at all), organizing players or teams, starting and ending the game, figure out where to play it, and all the rules and regulations in between to make it unique. Quite the challenge to create something that is fun, fair, and safe.

Who knows, maybe the next great sport will be invented right here at Rivendell!