Rivendell Physical Education

Fun Run and more

The Fun Run was a big success! The kids did a great job, everyone cheered, and the weather was nice and cool. Please remember to turn in your pledge money.

Preschoolers and younger kids have been working on all sorts of locomotor skills and movement: walking, shuffling, skipping, hopping, movements using the hands like a bear or crab. They get to use their imaginations acting like different animals and objects. How do you move like a cloud or a tumbleweed? We also include basic eye-hand coordination with throwing (both overhand and underhand) and catching objects. And we include the popular “Monster’s Closet” game where we learn about personal space. It can be tough to try and fit 18 monsters in a single tiny “closet” (hula hoop) a few feet across, but they sure did try!

Older and Middle Kids are working on eye-hand coordination by playing volleyball. We’ve introduced the pass (bump), set, and serve (again overhand and underhand). Next week we will get to the spike (or kill) and get to the rules of game play.