Rivendell Physical Education

Fundamentals, ROOTS and running

The weather sure has cooperated with us for PE so far this fall. In fact, if anything it has been a little too warm! We’re looking forward to an actual autumn cool-off soon.

As always, we start off the year with fundamentals: good athletic stance, footwork, and basic catching and throwing skills.

We always review the ROOTS of sportsmanship: having respect for the Rules, the Officials, our Opponents, our Teammates and Ourselves. While we don’t emphasize competition, learning to win and lose gracefully is a big part of growing up.

Everyone is excited for the Fun Run coming up, our first ever in the fall. The 5th- and 6th-graders who are graduating will be able to use the fruits of their exertion!

I give them three “secrets” for the Fun Run when we practice:

  1. It’s not a race—do your best but don’t worry about other people. Someone who runs 3 laps can help the school just as much as someone who runs 30.
  2. Don’t stop moving! If you get tired, walk for a bit until you get some energy back, but keep going.
  3. Don’t start off too fast. Pace yourself, start strong but leave something for a finishing “kick” at the end.

Of course, “Have Fun!” goes without saying—it isn’t even a secret.