Rivendell Physical Education

Invent A Game!

Middle and Older Kids are starting one of our favorite units: Invent A Game. Students have the task of creating a game and presenting it to the class.  Then we’ll give it a try!  It’s amazing to see some of the creative ideas the kids come up with.  We still use some games that previous Rivendell students have invented.

We look at all the aspects that go into a game:

  • What?  The name of the game.
  • Why?  The purpose and goal of the game.
  • Where?  Is it inside or outside, what does the field look like, what are the boundaries.
  • Who?  Teams, groups, individuals, positions.
  • How?  The equipment needed, rules, restrictions, and how different rules end up affecting the game.

Preschool and Younger Kids will continue to work on fundamental athletic skills like running, throwing, catching, kicking, balance and agility.