Rivendell Physical Education

It’s All Football

“It’s all football!” That’s my response lately to the question, “What are we doing in PE today?” We are studying the history of the game of football, from its origins as a mob sport played between villages in the middle ages to today. Along the way, there were innovations in the rules that led to many separate games, like football (Association Football, aka soccer), football (Rubgy Football Union), football (American gridiron) and even football (Australian Rules). It’s all football!

Along the way, we learn how rules changed to promote challenge, fairness and safety. We also practice the necessary physical skills, like kicking, running, dodging and throwing, as well as sport-specific techniques like throw-ins, passing (with feet and hands), scrums, overhand spiral throw, and more. We use modified rules so our football (all versions) is safe–no sliding, flag belts for downing, physical distancing and minimal contact.

In preschool we don’t get to actual games, but still learn lots of the necessary skills, with tag games for dodging, underhand and overhand throwing technique, and kicking skills.

Association Football, or soccer, is up first, and is the most familiar for the majority of students.