Rivendell Physical Education

Life’s a Circus

You wouldn’t think that circus-performer skills would be valuable for everyday life. But balance and eye-hand coordination certainly are! Two fun activities that develop these skills are the “Double Balance Challenge” and juggling.

In the Double Balance Challenge, students have to balance stacks of foam bricks they are holding while simultaneously balancing themselves on a beam. This kind of challenge adjusts nicely to the level of the individual student, who can vary the stack of bricks and which balance beam they use (we had several of varying widths).

Juggling is a skill that looks really difficult, but I learned how to juggle as a kid and I think anyone can do it. Even preschoolers can get scarves to float in the air! Once a student understands the basic pattern, it just takes practice. It is always exciting to see a student who thought they couldn’t do it start to get it!