Rivendell Physical Education

Olympic Rings

What better topic to go along with our unit on ancient Greece and Rome than the Olympics. The Olympic rings are probably one of the most recognizable symbols world-wide. Do you know what the colors (black, yellow, red, green and blue) symbolize? Answer at the end!

We are practicing various running, jumping and throwing events based on the original Greek games. The showcase in ancient times was the “Stadion” race, a footrace of about 200 meters. The kids are also practicing the standing long jump, “discus” using a Frisbee, javelin using a kid-friendly TurboJav, and more.

All levels at Rivendell are learning and practicing good throwing, jumping and balance fundamentals to prepare. Let the games begin!

And what about the colors of the Olympic rings? Modern games founder Pierre de Coubertin said the five colors, along with the white background, included the color composing every competing nation’s flag at the time.