Rivendell Physical Education

On (and Off) the Grid

The last major code of football we play is American football, sometimes called “gridiron” for the grid-like marks on the field. It developed in the United States and Canada as an offshoot of rugby, developing rules like “down and distance” and allowing forward passing along the way. The spiral throw is a skill that needs to be practiced, for sure!

But there are more than just three kinds of football. We even introduced a few of the concepts for probably the 4th most popular code, Australian Rules–kicking for goals/behinds, marks, hand passing, and even bouncing the ball while running, a bit like basketball. And we didn’t even get to Canadian football rules, Gaelic football, Rugby League… it’s all football, and came from the same roots.

Preschoolers have also been working on their throwing techniques. Overhand, underhand, and rolling are all basic skills, along with catching at the other end.