Rivendell Physical Education

PE Attire

It is important for kids to be dressed for action, especially footwear!  Shoes with sturdy non-slip soles and enough support to stay on their feet while running are strongly recommended–no flip-flops or oversize crocs, please.  For some activities like floor hockey, closed-toe shoes are required to participate.  We want the kids to play, but we also need them to be safe, and good footwear is critical. If your child tends to favor footwear that is not particularly PE-friendly, I recommend getting an appropriate pair of shoes that they can keep at school, or bring from home, for PE days.

Other clothing should be loose and comfortable for movement. Tight jeans or long dresses can make it difficult to run or jump, so please take that into consideration.  We also go outside when it is a bit chilly, so make sure your child has a sweater or jacket when the weather is cool.

You can see when your child has PE on the PE schedule.