Rivendell Physical Education

Rivendell Olympics

The summer Olympic games has come and gone in London, but at Rivendell we are just getting started!  Middle and Older Kids learned that only male citizens could compete in ancient Greece, but the Rivendell Olympics is more inclusive.  We’ve started practicing for our own Olympic events in Middle and Older Kids, based on some of the original Greek contests.

Students in each class were divided up into city-states (Athens, Argos and Corinth) to compete in the following events, modified for safety:

  • Running. The original Greek stadion race was between 180-240 meters; we have a perfect venue in our 208 meter track.
  • Wrestling. We use a standing, push-only version where the only contact is with the palms of the hands.  As in sumo, you must simply make your opponent step out of a small ring. It encourages good athletic stance, and not just size and strength.
  • Javelin.  Instead of spears, we throw footballs.
  • Discus. Flying plastic discs (Frisbees) take the place of heavy metal ones.
  • Archery. Bows and arrows are replaced by scoops and whiffle balls.
  • Chariot Races.  This is always lots of fun, with snow sleds on the grass and the kids as “horses”!

Everyone will compete for their city-state in at least one event. Let the games begin!