Rivendell Physical Education


This fall, we are set to explore the sport of rugby.  It’s a game that is not as popular as other sports in the US, but has a growing following.  Interestingly, it arose from the same ancestral game as soccer and American football, but the three diverged roughly 150 years ago when some players wanted to keep the “kicking game” (soccer), and others wanted to be able to pick up the ball and run with it.

Of course, we won’t be tackling, or having rucks or mauls. We will use a variation called American flag rugby, which is much like flag football—only it’s rugby!

For Younger Kids, we will focus on the mechanics of running and passing, as well as the joys of flag pulling. We’ve already introduced the concept of flag belts with a rousing game of Sharks and Minnows.

Middle and Older Kids will progress to game play, with boundaries, scoring, and penalties. The mysteries of scrums, lineouts, and knock-ons will be revealed.