Rivendell Physical Education

Scootin’ Towards the End of the Year

The kids have enjoyed the Track and Field unit (with some breaks for fun stuff like dodgeball when the weather didn’t cooperate). Sprinting and relay races are always popular.

We are wrapping up the year with other fun stuff like capture the flag, tag and scooters. We accomplished a lot this year:

  • Fun Run
  • Rivendell “Olympics” (to go along with Ancient Greece & Rome topic unit)
  • Flying disc games
  • Kickball
  • Body system simulations (to go along with Systems of the Body topic unit)
  • Teamwork and Cooperative activities
  • ABCDEFG (A Broad Collection of Everybody’s Favorite Games)
  • Track and Field

It’s been a lot of fun—and sweat—learning the different skills, rules and strategies to do all these activities.