Rivendell Physical Education

Systems of the Body

We’re currently on a school-wide unit on systems of the body—a perfect topic for PE class! As the kids learn about the body in class, we reinforce the concepts and learn more with fun, active games: anatomy freeze tag for names of bones and muscles, skeleton building with exercises and foam bricks, circulatory system simulations where the kids get to be blood cells, heart, lungs or muscles, finding our heart rates, and learning about health risk factors in Heart Attack City.  All these activities are an exciting, kinesthetic and dynamic way to learn about the incredible human body.

In Early Childhood and Younger Kids, we learn names for various parts of the body and exercises that help our bones, muscles, heart and lungs get stronger. Middle and Older kids learn more technical names for major bones and muscles, lots of no-equipment-needed exercises, learn how the systems work together (and how they can break down), and about health risks like heart attacks and strokes and how to help prevent them.

Having students understand healthy lifestyles in one of our goals in Rivendell PE. Understanding the systems of the body is important so the kids know how it all fits together to keep everyone healthy and happy!