Rivendell Physical Education

Track and Field

We’ve started our spring unit on Track and Field.  Running, sprinting, jumping and throwing are all on the menu—weather permitting, of course. So far all ages have enjoyed sprints (up to 100m) and the long jump.  Middle and Older Kids get introduced to the mysterious triple jump (not just a jump, but a hop, a step and a jump!).

Older Kids not only get to try the shot put with a 6-pound shot, but have the opportunity to compete in the shot put and many other events against kids from all over the area at the PSD Track Meet. The meet is held every spring at French Field at Rocky Mountain High School, and PSD graciously allows Rivendell to participate.  We’ve had lots of competitors over the years and some fantastic finishes… I hope we have more this year.

For more info on the PSD Track Meet, see the information page. Fee; free to contact me if you have questions about it.