Rivendell Physical Education

Welcome back!

We are so happy to be back at Rivendell this fall! Things may look a little different, but we will still be doing all the skill and teamwork building activities in PE that will help kids go faster, higher and farther.

We will be adapting PE activities for safety as much as possible. That means we will be outside even more than before. Please make sure your student has appropriate gear for going out no matter the weather–especially footwear. Here are days each grade level has PE:

  • Preschool: Fridays
  • Younger Kids (Dylan’s & Annie’s class): Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Middle Kids (Christin’s and Seth’s class): Monday and Friday
  • Older Kids (Suzanne’s and Bryce’s class): Wednesday and Friday

When we do have to be indoors, activities will be less strenuous, with kids spaced apart as much as possible. The PE room air is also filtered as it is recirculated.

We’re looking forward to lots of fun in PE this year!