Rivendell Preschool

We’re serious about play!

With the warmer weather, the preschoolers have been getting more creative with their play on the playground.

Students used wagons to build a fort for their game.

We have also added some new trucks, pails, and shovels to our sandbox area.

Preschoolers are working on digging a hole that reaches the cement at the bottom of the sandbox.
Obeying traffic signs

The preschool teachers bought traffic signs for the playground with money raised from the Rivendell Fun Run.

First signs of spring.
Friends dancing together.

The preschoolers are making new friends on the playground and creating new dance moves together.

Westward We Go

Hello families!

This was the first week that we began to delve into our newest thematic unit-Westward Expansion. We made predictions about what we might want to take with us as we travel across the country. We also explored life at that time, common objects, and the pioneer experience through our dramatic play centers. Students have become so creative as they try out these new centers.

In P.E. we have started a new unit-juggling! We began with scarves and bean bags. This is another way for us to incorporate our conceptual lens-balance-into our day to day activities. Although it is challenging, it sure is fun!

Hope you have a great week!

Moving forward (and westward)

Last week we took a break after finishing our unit on Asia. We worked on our silent auction project for the spring fundraiser. Each classroom at our school is putting together a special project to be auctioned off at the spring event. The spring fundraiser is a fun (adults only) night to help raise money for our school. This year, the spring event will be held on Saturday, April 18.

This week, we are starting our new thematic unit. We will be learning all about Westward Expansion. We will learn about life on the wagon train and homesteading in the western United States.

We know it is difficult to juggle having 3 types of shoes at school this time of the year, however, we want students to be safe and able to fully participate in P.E. Snow boots are clunky and causing students to trip and fall. Please make sure that your child is prepared with appropriate footwear for P.E. days.

We LOVE Preschool

Mail has arrived! Did you get a card in the mail?
Waiting for packages to mail at the Post Office.

This week we have spent a lot of time learning about kindness in the classroom. We have time with Jessica in true colors to help us learn new words to say when we need a little something extra from a friend. We have been learning kindness songs in Music with Tina. Some of us even got to perform these songs in front of the school during group sing.

Sporting our Rivendell t-shirts.

Spirit week was a hit! We all loved seeing the crayon colors, favorite sports teams, mix-matching outfits, Rivendell t-shirts, and of course, pink, red, and hearts all week long. Rivendell has Heart week was a great sucess! Thanks you for all of the food donations to the food bank as well.

With all the kindness learning, we had Valentine’s Day to prep for. All week long, we were excited seeing the cards we were recieving in out Valentine’s Day sacks. Of course, the hit of the week was the Valentine’s Day party. Thank you to all who helped set up and make it such a fun experience for our preschoolers.

Check out the Valentine’s Day party video!

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Slimy sensory beads.

Digging deeper into play…

We’ve been talking a lot about play this week in preschool. There is more to play than just passing leisure time. The preschoolers learn so much about how the world works around them.

Playing together with wild animals.

The subtle give and take of playing cooperative imaginative games are learned and refined. 

Fine motor skills and engineering skills are practiced and put to the test when building with Legos.

Ta da..Figured out the puzzle!

Spacial awareness and strategies are being applied when working on puzzles.

Playing with dolls.

Social and emotional skills are being applied and tested.

Decorating Indian elephants.

Creativity and imagination are being explored and discovered.

So get there and Play!!

Traveling through Asia

We have been busy traveling to different countries in Asia for the past two weeks. We traveled to Northern Russia, Mongolia, South Korea, and China. Preschoolers have been learning about the geography, cuisine, animals and flags of each country we visit.

We celebrated Chinese New Year (a day early) on Friday. Both preschool classes paraded around the school and then finished with Ramen noodles for snack time! The noodles were a huge hit!

Nǐ hǎo!

Preschoolers taking turns preparing, ordering, and eating at the Sushi Shop

Preschoolers are learning all about Asia! This week we explored new centers in the classroom with a sushi shop. We will be learning about different countries in Asia such as Russia, India, China, Japan, etc. Theres lots to learn, and more to explore! 

Placing stepping stones and looking for Koi fish in the pond
Making scrape artwork with paint in art class.
Using straws to blow branches to add flowers on Cherry Blossom trees.

Off To Asia We Go

Welcome back from Winter Break! We had a great first week back. We jumped right back into work sessions, projects, specials, and our new thematic unit-Asia.

The preschoolers will be travelling around Asia stopping at many different countries. We will explore the geography, clothing, language, food, architecture, holidays, and more.

In P.E. Jeff challenged us with a New Years’ resolution. We are going to get more exercise! He taught us 6 exercises-plank, tuck jump, burpees, balancing, jumping jacks, and mountain climbers. Each student chose a bean bag, that color represented which exercise they were going to do. We did a lot!

We worked on self-portraits in the classroom. We drew ourselves way back in September and now we our updating our portrait. Students are becoming aware of the parts of their body and portraying their idea of themselves on paper. We will do another self-portrait in April.

We are excited to dive into our study of Asia. Be on the lookout for the signs of our learning in the hallways and classroom!

‘Tis the week before winter break…

when all through the classroom, the children were playing and celebrating for holiday sake. The preschoolers learned about Santa Lucia and the tradition of wearing a wreath of candles and giving cookies to others.

There is a cookie shop set up in the classroom and the students have been baking cookies and even cleaning up afterward!

Students learned about the Tomten (Scandinavian gnome) who secretly takes care of animals on farms and in the wild. Sometimes though, he might choose to swipe a cookie off the cooling rack.

This is a great time of year to play make-believe games and work on our social- emotion curriculum.

Sleeping in the igloo.

Preschoolers got to hear the story of Hansel and Gretal and then decorate a gingerbread house. We also ate it too!

Have a warm and safe winter break!

O Tannenbaum

Hello families,

Winter Holiday season has finally arrived in the preschool classroom. There are signs of magic and holidays everywhere…

Tomten-a gnome like creature who comes out at night and helps take care of animals in your house or barn
Our holiday traditions posters
Paper chains-we worked on the skill of cutting strips of paper to make our chains
Coloring holiday cards
Decorating ornaments for our classroom trees

Other holidays that we will be celebrating are:

St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucia Day, Diwali, Hanukkah, Poinsettia Day, and Winter Solstice.

Hope you have a great week!