Rivendell Preschool

Ancient Greece

 A long, long, long time ago…..is how we started our unit on ancient Greece with the preschoolers. Our 3 and 4 year old students are studying ancient Greece with the rest of the student body at Rivendell. They first learned the definition of ancient and then moved on to map skills to find Greece and Crete.

Working on map skills: coloring Greece and Crete with green and brown crayons and then painting water with blue watercolor.

 The preschoolers learned about the science of archeology and the tools- paint brushes that  are used to discover about the past. 

A young student exploring the work of an archeological dig with tools and artifacts.

We looked at mosaics and pottery of the ancient Greeks and made our own mosaics and pinch pots. 

Creating ancient Greek mosaics of scary blue dolphins.

We will go on to compare and contrast the past and presents examining home life, family structure, community helpers, and the marketplace. We will bead “gold” and “lapis” necklaces, try some greek food, and write a journal page on what they learned. 

Exploration and integration of ideas and concepts of ancient Greece.

But before we leave the topic of ancient Greece, we will learn of Athena and her gift to Athens and we’ll escape the Minotour’s labyrinth with a ball of yarn!.