Rivendell Preschool

Balancing Our Way Into Preschool

Using the Balance scale
Writing our names
Playground time!
Spanish with Brenda

                 This week we started to introduce the word “Balance.” What does that mean? How can we do that with our bodies? Can we achieve that with toys or a balancing scale? Our curiosities took us to some pretty fantastic discussions.
                 With our third week wrapped up, we have our classroom routines down pretty well. How to line up to go to Spanish, Art, Music, and PE.. How to set up our rest mats, open our lunches, and clean our classroom. We have Balanced with blocks and building towers and have Balanced out meals in the kitchen center. We have learned to Balance our day through play, and working hard! 
                We have completed (most of us) writing our names, maybe even for the first time, and drawing self-portraits. And, they look fantastic! Can’t wait to see what the next week brings!

Balancing some quiet time
Building with Blocks