Rivendell Preschool

Celebration of Lights

December is such an exciting time and we’ve been having a lot of fun learning about holiday traditions and fairy tales! Students got to enjoy playing in and with castles and dressing up in courtly clothes.

Preschoolers learned about the winter solstice and the importance of the “evergreen” tree and the yule log.

Students learned about a relative of Santa Claus called a Tomten. Tomtens are small, little gnomes that live on the farms and take care of the animals. Farmers leave small bowls of porridge for them and if you forget, the Tomten may come into your cottage and eat all your Christmas pies!

Students learned the Turkish legend of Saint Nicholas and his generosity and we celebrated Saint Nicholas Day by leaving our shoes outside the classroom during naptime for a visit from Saint Nick.

The preschoolers learned about Hanukkah and the miracle of the oil lasting for eight nights. Preschoolers made menorahs and received chocolate coins.

We celebrated Santa Lucia Day and the feeling of giving to others. The oldest girl from each class wore a crown of candles and white dress and led a parade around the school bringing cookies to teachers.

The preschoolers loved learning about some of the different celebrations around the world.